The Dutch government has advised to keep a distance of 1.5m from each other (social distancing) and to cease non-essential work.

At Cirrus Instruction Europe we have decided at this time not to do any flight instruction work. The airplanes are still available for rent, but be advised that several European countries have closed their airspace for GA traffic.

If needed, we can do some work via Skype, for instance ATC communication.

Once the measures to contain the Covid-19 virus are lifted, we will be ready to resume activities immediately. At that time we will be happy to reschedule any training that was cancelled and to plan with you any re-current training if needed.

Of course we can always answer any questions that you have by e-mail or telephone.

David de Vries receives 2019 CSIP of the Year [Export] Award

At its annual Customer Experience Conference (CX 2020) in Orlando, early January this year in Florida, Cirrus Aircraft announced the 2019 Partner Awards. The Partner Awards recognize Training and Service partners around the world for their outstanding and dedicated efforts in world-class Cirrus training and service.

David de Vries received the 2019 International Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) of the Year Award. He received this award in recognition of the high standards and quality of the training that he provides and for his passion and commitment to Cirrus customers and the Cirrus brand.

New TouchTrainer – Fly This Sim (BATD)

We are pleased to announce that since last summer we have added another ‘aircraft’ to our fleet. Our new TouchTrainer from manufacturer FlyThisSim boasts new hard- and software (based on X-Plane 10) and is equipped with a new avionics panel with FMS controls you will find on the Cirrus Perspective.

All Cirrus models (Avidyne, Garmin Perspective) can be simulated, ensuring a cost-effective, efficient and enjoyable training platform.

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