Model (Generation) SR20 (G3)
Serial (year of build) 2047 (2010)
Avionics Perspective
Engine Continental IO360 - 200 hp
Cruise Speed (75%) 155 KIAS
Endurance (65%) 4.4h (635 NM)
Full Fuel payload 580 lb (260 kg)
Home base EHRD (Rotterdam)
Rental Price € 355 incl VAT
€ 294 excl VAT
Model (Generation) SR22
Serial (year of build) 3740 (2011)
Avionics Perspective
Engine Continental IO550 - 310hp
Cruise Speed (75%) 165 KIAS
Endurance (65%) 5.2 hrs (875 NM)
Full Fuel payload 400 lb (180 kg)
Home base EHRD (Rotterdam)
Rental Price € 450 incl VAT and fuel
€ 372 excl VAT






Worldhotel Wings, Suite Hinkler
Rotterdam Airportplein 55
3045 AP – Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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