Cirrus Transition Training

Voor de transitie naar Cirrus vliegtuigen heeft Cirrus Aircraft een eigen programma ontwikkeld dat bestaat uit een initiële- en vervolg trainingen.

Als Cirrus Platinum Partner kan Cirrus Instruction Europe piloten met een FAA of EASA brevet dit programma officieel aanbieden.

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FAA en EASA instrument rating

Een FAA instrument rating is een waardevolle toevoeging aan uw PPL, zowel FAA als EASA, en is bij ons tegen alleszins redelijke kosten te behalen.

De EASA instrument rating bieden wij aan volgens de z.g. “Competency Based methode”. Vraag naar de voorwaarden en mogelijkheden.

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Cirrus instructie Europe biedt Cirrus vliegtuigen te huur aan, zowel SR20 als SR22. Vraag naar de voorwaarden.

Onze nieuwe SR20 G6, N122MX, is in aantocht aflevering in medio Maart. Met Perspective+ cockpit, Spectra vleugeltippen en grotere payload! Klik hier voor meer informatie en om de voortgang te volgen.

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Cirrus Instruction Europe

Cirrus Instruction Europe geeft in heel Europa professionele vlieginstructie aan Cirrus eigenaren en piloten die:

  • een transitietraining op een Cirrus willen volgen
  • een FAA PPL, een FAA of EASA instrument rating op een Cirrus willen halen
  • de overstap naar een glass cockpit, VFR en/of IFR willen maken
  • een FAA Flight review of Instrument Proficiencency Check nodig hebben
  • een Safety Pilot willen meenemen op een zakenreis

Cirrus Instruction Europe stemt het gewenste trainingsprogramma en de locatie geheel af op uw wensen. We begrijpen dat u mogelijk beperkt de tijd heeft. Neem contact op voor specifieke informatie of een aanbod afgestemd op uw behoefte.

David de Vries
Certified Flight Instructor
Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot™

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“David is the kind of instructor which puts the expectations every day a little higher, allowing you to progress and get confidence in yourself and your capabilities.

David loves perfection but makes it achievable, as he will always have something to tell you to do better next time. Step by step.

If you want to ‘never stop learning’ and do it in a very professional way, in a reliable environment where safety remains the primary focus, David is the instructor you will be glad to work with.

Thanks for your support”

Tanguy Detroz, PPL 2018

Tanguy Detroz

“I have known David for a year and we have done many hours of flying together. He put together a very rigorous and intensive course for my instrument rating and was extremely flexible regarding locations. Coming from a family of ATPs it was important for me to have instruction of the highest standards and I can say without doubt that David provides this.
For anyone looking to learn or to perfect their flying skills look no further. ”

April 14, 2016

Pasha Bakhtiar, Cirrus Owner (N250CK)

Pasha Bakhtiar

His rating of David’s top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
“After flying with David on multiple occasions in different countries, airplanes, simulators, weather and trainings , I can recommend David as an open, knowledgable, strictly, stressless and safe Instructor. I hope we can fly many more hours together in the years to come!”

February 15, 2012

Martin Schut Private Pilot, hired David for Flight Reviews and training for the instrument rating

Martin Schut

“David has been CFI with the Aviator Group Rotterdam for many year now. David is an extremely capable pilot and instructor. His preparation is always meticulous. His quiet demeanour inspires confidence in the pilots he is flying with. Over the years I have done many BFRs with David and each time I learned something new.”

February 4, 2012

Kees van Gelder, Owner Aviation Group Rotterdam, hired David as a Chief Flight Instructor for pilots flying with the Aviator Group Rotterdam

Kees van Gelder

Her rating of David’s top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity. “Working with David on Cirrus Pilots training project, was a very much positive and constructive experience. David turned out to be extremely devoted Instructor, willing to give much more off his experience and knowledge than was required. His professionalism, high integrity and expertise but also very well developed interpersonal skills, makes him a very good partner to work with long term. I can certainly recommend David as a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot.”

February 5, 2012

Jadwiga Ford, Vice President Marketing and Sales Sky Share, Polish fractional Cirrus operator, hired David as a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot in 2010 to train a number of their pilots

Jadwiga Ford

His rating of David’s top qualities: Highly recommended, Great Results, Personable, Expert.

“David assisted me in rapidlly progressing through the curriculum for the FAA IR(A) and guided me though the various required Cirrus Transition Trainings for flying the SR20, SR22 and SR22T. In doing so David applies his knowledge, skills and experience as an instructor allowing you to attain a learning curve as steep as possible!”.

September 26, 2016

Ad van ’t Hof has been hiring David as a CSIP since 2011 on a regular basis; first for acquiring his FAA IR(A) and thereafter for flight reviews and recurrency training.


Ad van ’t Hof

Es ist das beste und gründlichste Training das ich jemals durchlaufen habe. Aufgeteilt nach VFR und IFR-Training geht es äußerst strukturiert durch die einzelnen Bereiche. Ich selbst habe zunächst das VFR-Training gemacht und werde nach einiger Zeit das IFR-Training folgend machen. So überzeugend, wie das ganze Flugzeug ist, so überzeugend ist auch das offizielle Training. Um Sicherheit und Proficiency mit der Cirrus zu vertiefen kann ich eine wirkliche Empfehlung für David de Vries aussprechen.

Rainer Mutschler hired David in 2013


Rainer Mutschler

His rating of David’s top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
David is a good Cirrus Aircraft instructor and good company to fly along with on business trips. He has a great knowledge of Cirrus related IFR flying. I can recommend David for any Cirrus instruction you need.

Sjoerd-Jan Ter Welle regularly rents a Cirrus SR22T Perspective and hired David as a Flight Instructor First in 2012 and thereafter regularly for a Cirrus Turbo Transition Course, FAA instrument rating and as a Safety Pilot

Sjoerd-Jan Ter Welle