Cirrus Instruction Europe invests in Noble Flight Simulator (AATD)

Cirrus Instruction Europe, Official Training Center in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) for and Platinum
Partner of Cirrus Aircraft is proud to announce to have closed a deal at Sun and Fun in Florida with
Tyler Noble from Noble Flight Simulation for a Noble Flight Simulator (AATD).

The Noble Flight Simulator not only features a very realistic replica of the Cirrus SR series cockpit, also the software and flight modelling very closely represent the behaviour of the real airplane. The simulator is an FAA approved AATD (Advanced Aircraft Training Device). This will allow for Cirrus Instruction Europe to use the simulator in a wide variety of training scenarios and applications and to practice real world scenario’s that cannot be practised in the real airplane. It also will give our clientsan opportunity for substantial cost savings. Training first in the simulator will do much to reduce the required hours on the real airplane. Training on a simulator also significantly reduces CO2 and other emissions during training.


Cirrus Instruction Europe plans to use the simulator for:

  • PPL training
  • Instrument rating training
  • Official Cirrus Transition Training
  • Emergency Training
  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute Training
  • Recurrent training VFR and IFR
  • Destination Training
  • Partner in Command Training

The simulator is expected to be ready for use before the summer of 2023.