Instrument Rating

EASA Instrument Rating

We can help you get an EASA Instrument Rating. Either the full CBIR rating (Competency Based Instrument Rating) or the Basic Instrument Rating. Ask us for the various ways in which we can help you to obtain this rating.

For all Instrument Rating training options, Cirrus Instruction Europe would be happy to give you advice and present package tailored to your needs.

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FAA Instrument Rating

We provide training for the FAA Instrument Rating and can get you passed in the shortest possible time while making you a safe instrument pilot.

Did you know you can get an FAA instrument rating on top of your EASA PPL? Your license needs to be validated by the FAA and we can help you to accomplish that.

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Wether to go for the EASA or FAA route depends on your personal situation and your goals. Please contact us to explore the various options and find the path that most suits your needs.

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