Simulator Training

Noble Flight Simulator (AATD)

Cirrus Instruction Europe has recently acquired the FAA approved Noble Cirrus Simulator (AATD). This simulator has a Cirrus Perspective and Perspective+ cockpit and software for the SR20, SR22 and SR22 Turbo and provides for very realistic flight simulation.

Cirrus Aircraft allows us to use this simulator to complete a substantial part of the required course hours for Transition and Recurrent Training on Cirrus Aircraft. Up to 20 hours can be logged towards an FAA Instrument Rating. Hours logged on the simulator result in significant cost savings for you.

transition training image

Alsim Flight Simulator (FNPTII)

transition training image

We also have the Alsim 250 simulator available for training towards the CBIR license.Up to 25 hours can be logged on this simulator towards your Competency Based Instrument Rating. Training on the Alsim simulator make sure that learning is accelerated with substantial cost savings up to thousands of euro’s for a CBIR rating.

Touch Trainer (ATD)

Cirrus Instruction Europe also uses the FAA approved Cirrus TouchTrainer. Although this training device is equipped with all Cirrus cockpits and all Cirrus aircraft currently available it is most useful for owners of Cirrus Aircraft equipped with the Avidyne cockpits.

Using simulators as part of your training is strongly encouraged by Cirrus Aircraft.

A simulator is the perfect tool to:

Maintain instrument currency (logging approaches)
Assist in an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
Use in the Cirrus Transition Training
Accomplish new cockpit Transitions (Avidyne Perspective)
Fullfil part of the instrument requirements for the FAA PPL (A)
Engage in Emergency procedures training including CAPS Training

transition training image