Cirrus Transition Training

To transition to Cirrus airplane, Cirrus Aircraft has developed a program that consists of initial and recurrent training. You will immerse yourself in the exciting Cirrus world through the on-line training program with videos and presentations. You will become an expert in flying the airplane as well as its systems This Cirrus Transition course makes use of Cirrus developed syllabi, an online course and Scenario Based Training. We will practice emergencies in our approved flight simulator as well as in the airplane.

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Apart from the proven effect on flight safety the Cirrus Transition course is often a prerequisite for renting Cirrus aircraft and of insurance companies.

Cirrus Transition Training takes on average 3 (VFR) or 5 (IFR) days, provided you come well prepared using the training materials provided by Cirrus. Cirrus Instruction Europe provides this training to EASA as well as FAA license holders.

After successful completion of the Cirrus Transition Training, you will receive the official Cirrus Transition Training certificate.

To new owners of Cirrus airplanes, Cirrus offers 3 days of complementary training towards your transition training under the Embark Program, limited to one pilot per airplane:

Cirrus Instruction Europe is a recognized training provider of Cirrus to offer this training.

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Hours required for the Cirrus Transition Training

VFR transition training for Cirrus takes a minimum of 8-10 flight hours of which about 3 hours can be logged in our Cirrus Flight simulator with the approval of Cirrus Aircraft.

IFR plus VFR transition training takes a minimum of 10-12 flight hours and an average of 10 flight hours of up to 6 hours can be logged in our simulator with the approval for Cirrus aircraft.

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