Cirrus Recurrent Training

Instrument Currency

Fulfilling instrument currency requirements can be challenging both time- and weatherwise. We can help you maintain your currency by flying instrument approaches with you, either in the airplane or using Simulator Training.

Using the simulator we can also practice some IFR emergencies that are impossible to practice in the real airplane. For instrument Recurrent Training, we make good use of the materials developed by Cirrus that can be found on the Cirrus Approach website, adapted to your personal circumstances. Cirrus materials for Recurrent Training are available free of charge.

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EASA and FAA Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

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For FAA license holders, When your IFR currency has expired more than 6 months, we can schedule an Instrument Proficiency Check. We can start at our training location at The Hague-Rotterdam airport.

We combine simulation with flying the real airplane. Having used the simulator on the ground you will be so much more prepared and confident flying your own airplane. The actual IPC must always be concluded in the airplane.

EASA Flight Training and Recurrency.

Every 24 months an EASA PPL holder must complete a training flight with an instructor. We can provide that training flight. Has your license expired, we can provide the remedial training in our DTO and set up the Skills Test with our examiner.

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Cirrus CAPS and Recurrent Training

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It’s the next hour that counts!

Recurrent training helps you to follow protocols and emergency procedures (including CAPS), enabling you to respond effectively in challenging situations. Cirrus strongly recommends VFR and IFR Recurrent Training using their specially developed training programs.

CIE offers these programs to Cirrus pilots that have completed Cirrus training in the past. For the CAPS training we use our Noble Flight Simulator or practice scenario’s in the airplane. Of course we tailor these programs to your needs. Maybe you would also like to refresh your night flying skills or experience a high-altitude flight. Just contact us and we will make it happen!

FAA Flight Review

Under FAA rules a Flight Review has to be accomplished every 24 calendar months (FAR 61.56). A flight review is not an exam, but rather an opportunity to learn. Together we can accomplish this Flight Review and make it a worthwhile experience.

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