Cirrus Instruction Europe

Your Cirrus Training Specialists

Award winning Cirrus Platinum Training Center and EASA DTO providing training to Cirrus owners and pilots throughout Europe.

Transition Training

If you’re a pilot seeking a Cirrus aircraft transition training, you’re embarking on an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Cirrus transition training is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently fly these exceptional aircraft.

To transition to a Cirrus airplane, Cirrus aircraft has developed a structured program, The Cirrus Transition Course, and follow-up training.

New to Cirrus?

For those intrigued by the idea of learning to fly a Cirrus aircraft, an exciting journey awaits. As you embark on your pilot training, you’ll discover the unique features that make Cirrus Aircraft stand out, such as their sleek design and advanced avionics.

Instrument Rating

Flying on instruments expands your flying options. An instrument rating opens up a whole new world. It allows you to legally fly in the clouds, without being able to see the ground or horizon. Cirrus Aircraft are ideally suitable to fly instruments because of its very advanced cockpit.

Cirrus Training Specialists

As an official Platinum Cirrus Training Center in Europe, CIE is endorsed by Cirrus Aircraft. Choosing to train at an official Cirrus Training Center offers many advantages.
  • Integrated courses on the Cirrus learning portal.
  • Highly standardized instructors that work from syllabi developed by Cirrus.
  • State-of-the-art simulator
  • Fleet of modernCirrus aircraft
  • Comfortable and well equipped training facility
Cirrus Instruction Europe in Rotterdam received recognition as Cirrus Training Center of the year 2020 (export) from Cirrus Aircraft, recognizing top-notch training and total commitment to Cirrus.

Cirrus News

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Cirrus aircraft, from the revolutionary SR series to the state-of-the-art Vision Jet, and discover the future of aviation through captivating stories, in-depth analyses, and exclusive interviews with industry leaders.

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