Cirrus Instruction Team

David de Vries
Flight Instructor

Flying has been David’s passion for over 30 years. David started as a glider pilot and then soon moved on to airplanes. He holds both FAA and EASA Commercial Pilot Licenses, is a Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot, authorised to give the official Cirrus training on each and all types of Cirrus aircraft in the SR range. David also holds a Cirrus SF50 VisionJet type rating and is Jet CFI.

Eugene Leeman
Operations Support and Training Center Instructor (TCI)

Eugene started flying in 1995. Over the years, he logged more than 1500h of which 300h in Cirrus aircraft. Eugene has experience as safety- and compliance monitoring manager at an ATO (flightschool). His experience includes 13 years airside operations manager at EHAM/Schiphol, 2 years operations support at LFPG/Paris and a 5 years secondment in Brussels (ACI Europe and Eurocontrol/NM). In 2023 he returned to his homebase Schiphol where he now works part-time, giving him the opportunity to concentrate on his other passion : flight instruction.

Mariëlle Didden
Training Center Instructor (TCI)

Spent her childhood in Indonesia, where the passion for flying started, Mariëlle is fascinated by all that is flying, and as from 2007 she really started making her next steps into the aviation world. In 2017 she obtained an EASA Commercial Pilot License (ME and SE), has an aerobatic rating and enjoys formation flying which she does frequently. Mariëlle is excited with the next level of flying with Cirrus Instruction Europe, being authorised to give the official Cirrus training on the Cirrus SR range of aircraft.