David de Vries

Flight Instructor

Flying has been David’s passion for over 30 years. David started as a glider pilot and then soon moved on to airplanes. He holds both FAA and EASA Commercial Pilot Licenses, is a Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot, authorised to give the official Cirrus training on each and all types of Cirrus aircraft in the SR range. David also holds a Cirrus SF50 VisionJet type rating and is Jet CFI.

Dale Arrundell

Flight Instructor

Originally born and raised on the tropical island of Curacao, Dale fell in love with aviation at a very young age: he started flying at 14 and has not stopped since. His passion for aviation and engineering has led him to move to the Netherlands and pursue an Aerospace engineering degree. While studying, he obtained his FAA Commercial Pilot’s License and has become an enthusiastic and motivated flight instructor. He also holds an EASA FI(A). He has always been fascinated by Cirrus aircraft and is  a Training Center Instructor.

Leo de Bruin

Flight Instructor

Leo moved to the USA in 1990 in order to obtain FAA licenses. He returned to the Netherlands in 1993, after working fulltime as a professional pilot and flight instructor (partly in the USA and on various aircraft types). He started flying Cirrus aircraft in 2005. As from 2008, Leo enjoyed flying for a US computer company on a CL30 (Bombardier Challenger), which took him across Europe and the North Atlantic various times. Meanwhile, he logged over 13.000 hours and hopes to continue flying for many years to come.


Eugene Leeman

Flight Support

Eugene got lured into general aviation via brother and flightinstructor Olav (now B737 captain) in 1995. Since then, he logged 1200TT of which 950 XC (Europe, USA) and 200 in Cirrus aircraft. Eugene is an active member of KLM Aeroclub (EHLE) e.g. in roles as Safety- and Compliance Monitoring Manager (SM, CMM) at the ATO (flightschool). Since 1998 Eugene is employed by EHAM (Schiphol airport), where he gained operational experience as an airside operations manager, followed by a 2-year mission in Paris (CDG). After that period he safely landed in the backoffice, with specializations EASA (certification of airport) and validation of operational concepts in SESAR (Single European Sky).