Cirrus Services

Cirrus Instruction Europe provides comprehensive training for the entire fleet of Cirrus aircraft, ranging from the SR20 to the esteemed Vision Jet.

Cirrus Transition Training

To transition to Cirrus airplane, Cirrus Aircraft has developed a program that consists of initial and recurrent training.

Cirrus Recurrent Training

We can help you maintain your currency by flying instrument approaches with you, either in the airplane or using Simulator Training.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Flying all by yourself, taking friends and family, using an airplane instead of a car when going on a trip for either fun or business.

Instrument Rating

We can help you get a EASA Instrument Rating via the ‘Competency Based’ route. Ask us for the various ways in which we can help you to accomplish this rating.

Simulator Training

This training device is equipped with all Cirrus cockpits and all Cirrus aircraft currently available.