Cirrus Transition Training

To transition to Cirrus airplane, Cirrus Aircraft has developed a program that consists of initial and recurrent training. This Cirrus Transition course makes use of Cirrus developed syllabi, an online course and Scenario Based Training.

Apart from the proven effect on flight safety the Cirrus Transition course is often a prerequisite for renting Cirrus aircraft and of insurance companies.

De Cirrus Transition Training takes an average of 3 (VFR) or 5 (IFR) days, provided you come well prepared using the training materials provided by Cirrus. Cirrus Instruction Europe provides this training to EASA as well as FAA license holders.

After succesful completion of the Cirrus Transition Training you will receive the official Cirrus Transition Training certificate.

To new owners of Cirrus airplanes, Cirrus offers 3 days of complementary training towards your transition training under the Embark Program, limited to one pilot per airplane:

Cirrus Instruction Europe is authorised by Cirrus to offer this training.

Hours required for the Cirrus Transition Training

VFR transition training for Cirrus takes a minimum of 6 flight hours and an minimum of 8 hours.

IFR transition training takes a minimum of 8 flight hours and an average of 10 flight hours.

A substantial part of these hours (up to 3 or 4 for the VFR transition and 4 to 5 for the IFR transition) can be flown on the a Simulator Trainer, with the approval of Cirrus Aircraft.

Recurrent Training

Instrument Currency

Fulfilling instrument currency requirements can be challenging both time- and weatherwise. We can help you maintain your currency by flying instrument approaches with you, either in the airplane or using Simulator Training. Using the simulator we can also practice some IFR emergencies that are impossible to practice in the real airplane. For instrument Recurrent Training, we make good use of the materials developed by Cirrus that can be found on the Cirrus Approach website, adapted to your personal circumstances. Cirrus materials for Recurrent Training are available free of charge.

FAA Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

When your IFR currency has expired more than 6 months, we can schedule an Instrument Proficiency Check. Using the simulator, we can start at your home or office or our training location at The Hague-Rotterdam airport. We combine simulation with flying the real airplane. Having used the simulator on the ground you will be so much more prepared and confident flying your own airplane. The actual IPC must always be concluded in the airplane.

FAA Flight Review

Under FAA rules a Flight Review has to be accomplished every 24 calendar months (FAR 61.56). A flight review is not an exam, but rather an opportunity to learn. Together we can accomplish this Flight Review and make it a worthwhile experience.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Obtaining a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) can be a very rewarding accomplishment. Flying all by yourself, taking friends and family, using an airplane instead of a car when going on a trip for either fun or business.

Cirrus Instruction Europe provides training for the EASA and FAA PPL on Cirrus aircraft. Using a a syllabus developed by Cirrus Instruction Europe, we will take you from your first flight all the way to the passing of the FAA or EASA flight test in a short period of time. If you own a Cirrus airplane, we can use that; otherwise we can use one of our Cirrus airplanes.


After obtaining a FAA PPL, obtaining an EASA PPL is fairly straightforward. Passing a written exam for two subjects (Air Law and Physiology), an EASA medical, an LPE (Language Profiency Endorsement, a Radiotelephony License and a check ride are all that is needed.

As from september 2020, we have become an EASA DTO (Declared Training Organization) and are authorized to provide EASA PPL (A) as well as Night VFR trainings.

We offer training for the EASA CBIR instrument rating (competency based). For the EASA CBIR, we use the EASA approved Alsim AL250 simulator. Up to 25 hours of training for the CBIR can be accomplished in the simulator, resulting in significant cost savings.


Cirrus Instruction Europe facilitates PPL training courses, taking advantage of a duly tested and approved Syllabus helping you to obtain the FAA license. This goal can be achieved quicker than you might have thought. Training can be done on your own Cirrus or one of our Cirrus airplanes.

There are several advantages in obtaining FAA- over EASA licences. The FAA training is much more flexible. For example there is no obligation to attend a theoretical course in person. Another advantage is that you can train on any location of your choice and convencience, unlike EASA.

Instrument Rating

EASA Instrument Rating

We can help you get a EASA Instrument Rating via the ‘Competency Based’ route. Ask us for the various ways in which we can help you to accomplish this rating.

For both Instrument Rating training options, Cirrus Instruction Europe would be happy to advise and compose a tailored package, taking into account your specific situation, special wishes and requirements.

FAA Instrument Rating

We provide training for the FAA Instrument Rating and can get you passed in the shortest possible time while making you a safe instrument pilot.

Did you know you can get an FAA instrument rating on top of your EASA PPL? Your license needs to be validated by the FAA and we can help you to accomplish that.

Simulator Training

Cirrus Instruction Europe uses the FAA approved Cirrus Simulator Training. This training device is equipped with all Cirrus cockpits and all Cirrus aircraft currently available. Using simulators as part of your training is strongly encouraged by Cirrus Aircraft.

A simulator is the perfect tool to:

  • Maintain instrument currency (logging approaches)
  • Assist in an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
  •  Use in the Cirrus Transition Training
  •  Accomplish new cockpit Transitions (Avidyne Perspective)
  •  Fullfil part of the instrument requirements for the FAA PPL (A)
  •  Engage in Emergency procedures training


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