The VisionJet Experience

Cirrus Instruction Europe is introducing The Cirrus VisionJet Experience. Find out what it is like to fly on the Cirrus VisionJet; whether you are looking for a unique experience or considering the purchase of a VisionJet and want to feel what flying one is like. Together with a Jet CFI you will prepare a day plan consisting of 2 flights, taking up to 4 hours total. The preparation will include in-depth briefings of the flight procedures, ground training and avionics. Feel free to invite personal guests and pick a destination of choice to fully experience the VisionJet!





Corporate pilot & Safety Pilot services

For owners of the Cirrus SF50 VisionJet, we provide corporate and safety pilot services. We prepare the flights and needed documentation, file the flight plan, find out information about the destination airports and take care of fueling and turning the airplane around for you. We can also act as corporate pilot, should you like to use your VisionJet in your business to fly your business partners and employees. We’re able to fly both EASA as well as FAA registered VisionJets

Aircraft Repositioning Services

If your VisionJet is due for maintenance, but you don’t have time or opportunity to drop it off and pick it up again, we can help you out by flying the aircraft to our colleagues at the Vision Service Center in Groningen and returning it to the airfield of your choice.